Jack Links

XtremeStick2eXtreme Stick

Free Plastic Tote Bags!

– 1.25oz The Original
– 1.25oz Pepporoni eXtra
– 12 cartons per case/30 sticks per carton
– 360 total sticks per case

JL-SticksBeef Stick Fundraising Kit

.92 oz. Original Beef Stick Fundraising Kit

– 4 Fundraising totes per case/50 beef sticks per tote

– 200 total beef sticks per case

Free Cardboard Display and Carry Totes!

JL-stecksBeef Steak

Choice of 1 oz. Original Beef, Sweet & Hot Beef, Peppered Beef, Teriyaki Beef, and KC Masterpiece Barbecue Steaks

– 12 cartons per case/12 beef steaks per carton

144 total beef steaks per case