Jack Links

XtremeStick2eXtreme Stick

Free Plastic Tote Bags!

– 1.25oz The Original
– 1.25oz Pepporoni eXtra
– 12 cartons per case/30 sticks per carton
– 360 total sticks per case

JL-SticksBeef Stick Fundraising Kit

.92 oz. Original Beef Stick Fundraising Kit

– 4 Fundraising totes per case/50 beef sticks per tote

– 200 total beef sticks per case

Free Cardboard Display and Carry Totes!

JL-stecksBeef Steak

Choice of 1 oz. Original Beef, Sweet & Hot Beef, Peppered Beef, Teriyaki Beef, and KC Masterpiece Barbecue Steaks

– 12 cartons per case/12 beef steaks per carton

144 total beef steaks per case


Choose V.W. Fundraising for your Jack Links fundraiser, we can help you find the best kits and package for your school, group, sports team, or church. We offer various kits and packages to get you set up with the correct amount of products for your expected sales. Talk to one of our specialists and find out what we can do for your next fundraiser.