Discount Cards

Choose V.W. Fundraising’s Discount Cards for your next fundraising event and experience a risk-free, profitable fundraising program! For every $10, $15 or $20 card that you sell, your group receives up to 90% profit per card, and the supporters are able to get unlimited discounts for one year by using the card at local vendors.

Our discount card program offers you a simple, risk-free opportunity! There is no money paid up front; all you need to do is keep half of the money raised and return any unused cards at no cost. We provide you with the tools to make your next fundraising event the most successful one ever. We will contact your local area merchants for the offers on the card. You do NOT have to contact merchants. We are your partner in creating a successful fundraising event! Give us a call for more information on this


amazingly easy fundraiser!

How it WORKS:

  1. We provide discounts to up to 20 local merchants.
  2. We print your discount cards with your organization’s name and logo on the front and merchant discounts on the back.
  3. Sell your discount cards easily with the help of our ‘how to’ sales packet.
  4. You make up to 90% profit per card when you sell them for $10, $15, or $20 (pay upfront program)
  5. Your supporters get great values for one full year when they present their card for unlimited discount offers from local merchants.

Ask about our low prices for printing cards!

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